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My name is Christine and I am the owner and founder of Mucky Pups Childminding, offering child care services to Pound Hill and Crawley. I work with an assistant, registered to care for 6 children in the Early years. We are a forest childcare member which means we do lots of learning outside. There are more details about this in my news section.

I live with my husband James and our 4 children in Pound Hill.  We have 3 cats, a dog, a tortoise and lots of indoor and outdoor fish that the children are encouraged to help look after.

I have been a registered childminder since 2006 and am rated OUTSTANDING with OFSTED. I have worked with children for the last 18 years AND hold a level 3 childcare qualification and regularly attend courses to develop my skills and knowledge on all issues child and education related – these include sign language, First Aid, food hygiene, child protection and disability awareness.

I have specialist training and personal experience and knowledge of working with children with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties as well as with children who have English as an additional language.

Forest Child Association
Offstead outstanding
Christine Grant
Christine GrantRegistered Childminder


Promoting British Values

July 30th, 2018|Comments Off on Promoting British Values

British Values – Helping to embed them in to everything you do at home.

Democracy – Read books about helping others

Individual Liberty – Use visual routines to learn about the rhythm of the day

Rule of Law – Chat about right and wrong

Mutual Respect – Remind them, by asking  – is it really important ? when they are upset about sharing ir taking turns.

Tolerance of others – Continue to involve them in group activities where they can learn about the world in which they live .

NUT FREE from September 2018

June 5th, 2018|Comments Off on NUT FREE from September 2018

Nut Free Policy September 2018
Written by: Christine Grant 05-06-2018 to be reviewed September 2018

In September 2018 we aim to make Mucky Pups a nut fee setting. This will mean no food products containing nuts are to be brought into the building.

We hope this will reduce the risk of any child, who may have or develop an allergy to nuts coming into contact with a food product which could potentially be very harmful to them.

We realise that many foods are labelled as having ‘traces of nut’ or ‘cannot guarantee nut free’ which are very difficult to avoid. We will speak to parents of any children who join the setting who have a nut allergy to establish the severity of the allergy and put in place a risk assessment.

In order to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction for child in our care: we will:
 Make sure cooking ingredients do not include nuts
 Inform all new parents of this policy
 Place a copy of the policy in the Policy Folder
 Remind families periodically in Newsletters
 Staff will not bring food containing nuts into the setting

We ask parents:
 When preparing packed lunches please do not include any food containing nuts (e.g. cereal bars, peanut butter)
 If bringing a cake/biscuits/cookies in to celebrate your child’s birthday please ensure the list of ingredients do not include nuts.(these will be in BOLD)
 If giving a present to members of staff, please do not include nuts.

If you have any questions please ask.

Many thanks

Christine Grant



Here at Mucky Pups Child minding we have a dedicated playroom which is full of fun and stimulating toys, games and resources that the children are free to self select from. The children’s photos and art work are displayed and help to provide a welcoming atmosphere for each child.

Outside we have a  large fully equipped garden with a mud kitchen and a bug hotel that the children help to look after and we also have lots of areas dedicated to wildlife. We have a raised pond protected by a metal grid which has a number of fish in it that the children are encouraged to help look after.

We have an allotment plot which we spend a lot of time at as well growing our own vegetables.

We have a double level outdoor play frame and lots of garden toys and resources such as a climbing wall, slide, goal post, sand and water tables, bikes, scooters and a play house.

We have an astro turf area in the garden so that the children can access the outdoor play space no matter what the weather without the worry of slipping over and getting too muddy.

As well as providing for children’s basic needs for food, drink, rest and comfort I plan activities to give children the opportunity  to develop whatever their age, gender, race, language or ability. I believe children learn best through play and when they are having fun and I hope to enable  them to develop both physically and creatively.

Children develop at different rates so I will try to make activities appropriate to age and ability. Any routines established will be driven by the children’s needs and will be flexible to allow for spontaneity. Below is a description of the sorts of things we get up to as part of our weekly play planner.

In mornings we often go on outings to visit other childminders in Crawley, to parks and play centres such as the Children’s Centre, on nature walks to feed the ducks, and to musical groups for toddlers.  In bad weather, we will often stay indoors and play some active games to get a bit of exercise. While at playgroups, we join in with a lot of singing and dancing activities, and wherever we are we make sure to have snack time to keep energy up for the rest of the day!

If the weather is nice at lunch time we will have a picnic in the park or garden, otherwise we sit together at the table. After lunch, the younger children have a nap or rest to keep them fresh for the afternoon’s activities.

Afternoons are generally spent at my setting, taking part in a variety of activities. These include artistic paintings, making collages and sand pictures, playing with musical instruments, making models using boxes, tubes and lots of tape, and acting using role playing. We also learn a lot, including exploring numbers, shapes and sizes for mathematical skills, using ICT resources like the tablet, looking at nature (minibeasts and the weather in particular), reading to develop English language skills, and we play games about sharing, taking turns and routines to teach manners and politeness.

We also play games and have fun, making dens under tables, playing with outdoor toys in the garden, playing with sensory toys in the treasure basket, pretending to cook meals, using bikes, balls, tents and tunnels in the garden, and playing with small world toys like cars, trains and toy animals.

I use the whole of my downstairs for minding. The rooms are as follows:

Entrance hall which has our shoe, bag, coat etc storage room. There is also a downstairs cloakroom which has a toilet and wash basin as well as 2 different types of step stools and a toilet seat. If/When I have potty training children I would also have a potty in there.

The hall also leads into the kitchen (which when necessary is shut off with a stair gate) The kitchen is where children help prepare meals, snacks and we do baking etc fully supervised.

The lounge has sofas for reading and quiet time as well as a television, kinnect (computer system) Laptop point and a music system for music and movement session.

In the dining room we have the dining table where the children eat their meals and which is also used to complete homework or large craft activities. We have a large fish tank in here that the children enjoy spending time looking at and helping look after. We grow lots of baby fish in here.

The playroom is where most of the resources are kept, though children are encouraged to choose the resource they want and play wherever they feel comfortable. There is also a small table and stools in there.

We also go outside daily whatever the weather, this could be just into the garden (which has lots of resources in a play matted safe and secure area) or we go to the park, on nature trails, the library toddler groups, ball pits play centres etc. We also make weekly visits to local places of interest, farms, play centres, national trust parks etc. The children have lots of opportunities to be in social situations at local playgroups and at the drop in centres we attend.

Daily routine at Mucky Pups Child minding:
Arrival time
Free play 8am-9am
Morning including snack
Outing Activity
Free play 12:30pm-1pm
Rest time
Themed activity
Tidy up time
Music and movement
Reading time 2:30pm-3:30pm
Free play 4:45pm-5:15pm
Dinner time
Home time

Packing bags – Please can we remind you that we need to find the following items in your child’s bag:

 Your child’s diary – under 3s only and older children on request.

  At least one complete change of clothes for your child, suitable for the current weather conditions. This might include extra layers in the winter months and t-shirts and shorts in the summer.

  If your child is toilet training we will need AT LEAST three pairs of trousers/leggings, pants/knickers and spare tops – and please don’t forget socks.

  4 or 5 disposable nappies – we try to keep a few spare here so we do not run out.  We change children mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon and before leaving at the end of the day and need extra in case of soiling at other times.

  Please throw in a pack of baby wipes once a month. We go through them like water and really should have shares in the companies which make them.

  Nappy cream if you want us to use it on your child. We can keep it here in a labelled tube if you prefer. We are advised against using pots because of the risk of cross contamination.

  A small plastic bag in which we can place any soiled or wet clothing for you to take home and wash.

  Appropriate food if you want us to give your food. If you are sending meat please let us know by labelling the pot so we can make sure it is heated appropriately and given time to cool before serving. We supply all cutlery and crockery but will use yours if you wish.

  Sun cream for all sunny days – this must be labelled with your child’s name, date of birth and date of purchase. Please note that most sun creams only last for 1 year (you will see a picture of a lid with 12M on the back) and then need to be discarded.

  If you think your child might need infant Paracetamol such as Calpol during the day or you think they are teething and might need medication, please remember that we must have written permission from you before it is administered. If you do not send paracetamol and your child’s temperature rises, we are required to ring you and ask you to collect your child – we cannot administer medication not pre-signed for and supplied by you.

  Any other medication such as inhalers will be labelled, stored securely and administered through the day as required by your child, following your instructions.

  Please look out for notes in your child’s bag when we need medication updated or replaced.Some parents like to send slippers or slipper socks for their child. These are welcomed but please check they are non-slip first because our floors are mostly wood and if children run in some makes of socks they slide around!

  Your child will also need a suitable coat and other bits and bobs such as gloves, hats and scarves through the winter months. In summer we find lightweight pack-a-mac style coats work well and we always have blankets and buggy snuggles in case it gets cooler during the day (for the non-walkers). In winter please provide a thicker warm waterproof coat – non walkers will be under the buggy rain cover but older children will be walking. Remember we go outside and use the garden in ALL weather conditions and have school pick ups every day – even in the rain and snow!

Check 1. The contents of your child’s bag regularly! Please do not leave adult items such as purses, memory cards, coins, lighters, jewellery, medication etc in bags and please remove small toys which children might ask for during the day but be unable to share.

 Check 2. Please also take children’s works of art, cards etc out of their bags and talk to your child about them – they have been created with care especially for you and your child was very proud of their achievement.






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