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Promoting British Values

British Values - Helping to embed them in to everything you do at home. Democracy - Read books about helping others Individual Liberty - Use visual routines to learn about the rhythm of the day Rule of Law - Chat about right and wrong Mutual Respect - Remind them, by asking  - is it really [...]

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NUT FREE from September 2018

Nut Free Policy September 2018 Written by: Christine Grant 05-06-2018 to be reviewed September 2018 In September 2018 we aim to make Mucky Pups a nut fee setting. This will mean no food products containing nuts are to be brought into the building. We hope this will reduce the risk of any child, who may [...]

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Website Suggestion     An absolutely fantastic website for children of ALL ages with bowel and bladder issues from potty training, those that will only poo in a nappy, to bedwetting and other things.

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Behaviour and Self-regulation

"The foundation of self-regulation is the feeling of calmness and safety that children experience with their parents. Childrens ability to deal with stress in life, whatever its source, stems from the security they experience in their families"

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Mucky Pups Medicines Policy As a childcare provider I will ensure that I implement an effective procedure to meet the individual needs of a child when administering medicines. In order to achieve this I will do the following: Keep written records of all medicines administered to children in my care. Inform parents when a medicine [...]

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GDPR – Privacy Notice

Mucky Pups Childminding 23 Marvell Close Pound Hill Crawley RH10 3AL Parent Notice - GDPR - Privacy Notice Written by Christine Grant Dear Parents, From May 2018, to comply with new EU legislation (called GDPR) which is replacing the Data Protection Act I am required to share this privacy notice with you which will inform [...]

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Accident prevention

Falls are leading causes of injury related admissions to hospital in under 5's. Please remember to regularly check your stair gates at home as they can become loose over time and also when the warmer weather comes be careful with upstairs windows being left open as children can fall out.

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Risky Play

Risky play is play which is thrilling and exciting, play that challenges children.  It is essential for life long learning  - if children do not learn to manage risk int he early years they will not be as well equipped to cope with it later in life. if you would like to know more about [...]

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Reading with children – Tips for Parents

Read with your child everyday - even if its just 5 minutes before bed. Choose books that link to your childs interests Encourage your child to sit still and listen Read the book a second time and talk about what is happening Ask open ended questions to encourage your chid to think about the story [...]

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Learning through play.

Learning through play....   Putting the shopping away Here’s a simple idea you can do with your child at home to help cement some of the prepostitions they are learning. Get them to help put the shopping away. What goes in the fridge/ freezer/ cupboards etc? They will ‘open’ and ‘close’ cupboards and put things [...]

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