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//GDPR – Privacy Notice

GDPR – Privacy Notice

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Parent Notice – GDPR – Privacy Notice
Written by Christine Grant

Dear Parents,
From May 2018, to comply with new EU legislation (called GDPR) which is replacing the Data Protection Act I am required to share this privacy notice with you which will inform you about the information I need to keep from all of you, why I need it, how it will be stored and what it will be used for. I will also explain how it will be deleted from my files when it is no longer needed.

You have a right to view any information I hold about your child or family and make changes or corrections where necessary.

I ( Christine Grant ) am the nominated data handler and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office.Registration number Z3080574 and all staff have been provided with GDPR training.

An audit of all data collected has been carried out and any duplicated information or information not required to fulfil our role as early years providers has been removed.

Things I need to know

This includes all information collected whether its online data processing or paper data.
I will not ask for more information than is required by the EYFS and other statutory and guidance documents produced by the DFE and OFSTED.
I will need to ask questions about a child’s home learning and family circumstances to enable me to support their learning in my provision. I need the full name, date of birth, home address and the names of parental responsibility because it is required by the EYFS.
I need to see your child’s red book because the Local Authority require me to add information about their 2 year progress check.
For funded children I need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate / passport as this is a requirement on the funding paperwork.

Local Authority Paperwork

Parents who are eligible to claim for 15 or 30 hours governments funded childcare are required to complete a Local Authority “Free Early Education Entitlement Parent Declaration Form” The form includes identifiers such as parents name and National insurance number and the childs personal details and characteristics such as ethnic group.

Why I need this information

The information I request from you about your child is because it is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage and it is required by OFSTED.
In cases where safeguarding issues are raised the information will be shared with the Local Safeguarding Childrens board, Social Services, the police and medical personnel. If your child is seriously injured or ill when with us we will share necessary information with emergency services.
Where your child attends another setting or works with an agency we will share, as required by the Early Years Foundation Stage, only the information needed to support your childs safety, wellbeing, learning and development.
We do not share information or pass on details to any other agencies without your permission.
For more details on the information I am requested to hold please see the Eyes 2017 and the Childcare register 2016.

How it is stored and what it is used for
Any information collected about your child is stored in a locked filing cabinet that only I have access to. The filing cabinet is in the garage which is alarmed.
Anything that is saved digitally for example photographs, are saved in encrypted files on a password protected Macbook air. The macbook is kept safe at my home address and never gets taken away from the property. The macbook is secured with Antivirus software and is password protected.
I will remind any agency / provider with whom I share information that they must keep it safe and delete it when no longer required.

Visiting our website

My website contains links to other websites, I have checked the websites as much as is practical but I cannot be held responsible for whether the links work or the information contained in those websites.


I use Outlook to process emails and so I keep a copy of your email address in my computer to allow me to process emails quickly.


I use whatsapp to send photos of your children to you. We therefore keep a copy of your mobile number in my phones phonebook to allow me to send these texts and pictures.

What if data is lost / stolen

The GDPR requires me to report the loss within 72 hours to the Information Commissioners Office. So for example if my home is burgled and my computer stolen I will inform both you as parents and the ICO immediately.

Document Retention

Information relating to my self employed accounts are retained for 6 years as required by the HMRC

How will it be deleted

Any data collected is not held for any longer than is legally required by the EYFS.
Photographs are deleted when your child leaves unless permission has been given on the contract termination form for us to keep them on our webpage / brochure. This permission can be withdrawn at any time.
Paperwork and printed photographs are shredded and digital media is erased and the task can emptied.
Safeguarding and welfare information about your child including registers will be held until your child is 21 years and 3 months old for insurance purposes and to comply with the EYFS and childcare register.
Any learning and development information that I hold to comply with the EYFS will be sent to you or on to your childs next setting / school and then deleted from Tapestry.

Making a complaint

A complaint can be made to OFSTED about my service at any time. Ofsted can be contacted on email by phone 03001231231 or by post to Piccadilly gate, store street, Manchester M1 2WD

Alternatively you can complain directly to me on email, phone 07595503814 or to my setting address 23 Marvell close, Crawley, RH10 3AL

If we receive a complaint we are required by the EYFS to record details of the complaint and to retain the information andand share it with OFSTED. The details of the complaint must be made available to OFSTED as required by the EYFS.

Complaining to ICO

If you are concerned that a data breach has been made you can contact the ICO at

Changes to this privacy notice

I will review this privacy notice annually and as required

Completed 05-03-2018

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