NUT FREE from September 2018

//NUT FREE from September 2018

NUT FREE from September 2018

Nut Free Policy September 2018
Written by: Christine Grant 05-06-2018 to be reviewed September 2018

In September 2018 we aim to make Mucky Pups a nut fee setting. This will mean no food products containing nuts are to be brought into the building.

We hope this will reduce the risk of any child, who may have or develop an allergy to nuts coming into contact with a food product which could potentially be very harmful to them.

We realise that many foods are labelled as having ‘traces of nut’ or ‘cannot guarantee nut free’ which are very difficult to avoid. We will speak to parents of any children who join the setting who have a nut allergy to establish the severity of the allergy and put in place a risk assessment.

In order to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction for child in our care: we will:
 Make sure cooking ingredients do not include nuts
 Inform all new parents of this policy
 Place a copy of the policy in the Policy Folder
 Remind families periodically in Newsletters
 Staff will not bring food containing nuts into the setting

We ask parents:
 When preparing packed lunches please do not include any food containing nuts (e.g. cereal bars, peanut butter)
 If bringing a cake/biscuits/cookies in to celebrate your child’s birthday please ensure the list of ingredients do not include nuts.(these will be in BOLD)
 If giving a present to members of staff, please do not include nuts.

If you have any questions please ask.

Many thanks

Christine Grant

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